Walk-in Cooler additional options and accessories are frequently requested.  Add-on accessories range from simple items to sophisticated, including state-of-the-art temperature and humidity recording devices. If you have a special need, please contact us, we’ll be glad to help.

Deadbolt Handle Latch  Deadbolt Handle Walk-In Coolers

When added security is necessary a deadbolt handle latch can be installed. The deadbolt handle latch can be activated by a finger slide from the outside and locked by key in an open or closed position. A twist-off knob disassembly is installed on the inside which eliminates the possibility of being locked inside the walk-in.

Vision Ports  Walk-In Cooler Vision Port

Vision ports give you the ability to see inside the cooler or freezer without opening the door. Vision ports come in two sizes, 14” x 14” and 14” x 24”. Low temperature walk-ins require the vision port to have a heater around the perimeter. A heater is not necessary in a cooler unless it is located in a high humidity area.

Padlocking Hasp with Inside Release  Padlocking Hasp for Walk-In Cooler

When added security is necessary, the locking hasp is an excellent way to achieve that security. The locking hasp conforms to OSHA codes that require a safe and easy inside safety release.