Walk-In with Insulated Floor

Walk-Ins with Insulated FloorSimpon Coolers floor is designed for a uniformly distributed load of 700 pounds per square foot. Higher weight requirements require additional strength and are quoted on a individual basis.

Typical Floor Starter Panel

 Typical Floor Panel

A typical Simpson Cooler floor panel consists of 3-1/2” or 5-1/2” of polyurethane and 5/8” plywood that is covered with 22 gauge non-polished stainless steel (type 304 2B finish). The floor panels have an overall thickness of 4-1/8” for 3-1/2” of insulation and 6-1/8” for 5 1/2” of insulation. This floor is rated for a uniformly distributed load of 700 pounds per square foot.

Typical Concrete Insulated Floor Thru Wall

Typically when a floor is subjected to a heavy rolling load, a concrete surface is preferable. When installing a freezer, it is essential that the concrete be insulated. This illustration shows a typical concrete insulated thru walltypical method to insulate below the concrete wearing surface. (This suggested method does not address local codes or conditions. Consult a local engineer for final design.)

Typical Concrete Insulated Thru Door

There are various methods of insulating a concrete floor. In some cases ventilation beneath the concrete is needed, depending on the temperature and the size of the walk-in. We will be typical concrete insulated through doorglad to offer our assistance in the design of the insulated floor, but the final decision needs to be made by a qualified engineer that is familiar with local codes or conditions.

Freezer without Threshold Floor

When a Simpson Cooler freezer does not have a pre-fabricated floor it is necessary to insulate under the concrete. (There are other drawings in this section that show the proper method to freezer without threshold floorinsulate under concrete.)


Walk-In with Wood Screed

Most coolers do not need a manufactured floor. In these coolers, a treated wood screed is used so the walls can be fastened to the existing floor. Other methods such as vinyl screed are  walk-in cooler with wood screedavailable.

Floor Leg Anchor

All cooler or freezer door frames must be anchored to the interior floor with the door stop angle furnished by Simpson Coolers. Door and frame with concrete method is shown to left. It is Door Leg Anchornecessary to make sure the door jambs are plumb, level and sealing properly prior to final fastening of the door stop angle.

In-Stock Walk-In Coolers and Freezers

Simpson Coolers uses only top brand name accessories of the highest qualtiy.

See Walk-In Cooler features available with In-Stock Coolers. Additional accessories are also available.

If you have a special need that is not listed, please let us know and we will make every effort to accomodate your application.

Walk-In Cooler Inventory

Quick Ship, In-Stock sizes include:

SIX: 6' x 6' , 6' x 8' , 6' x 10'

EIGHT: 8' x 8' , 8' x 10', 8' x 12'

TEN: 10' x 10', 10' x 12'

TWELVE: 12' x 12'

Walk-In Cooler and Freezer Inventory

Quick Ship Walk-In Cooler Specifications

  • Stucco galvanized finish inside and out

  • Lag down ceiling

  • One 34' x 78' self-closing, overlap door

  • Mounted light switch

  • Vapor proof light fixture

  • Dial thermometer