Walk-In Cooler Door Closer  walk-in cooler door closer

A hydraulic door closer is standard on all doors 42” in width or less.

Pressure Relief Vent (Freezer Only)  Freezer Vent

The pressure relief vent is designed to equalize the pressure between the inside and outside of the walk-in freezer. The relief vent has a low wattage heater that is pre-wired at the factory and is designed to prevent frost build-up and condensation. Simpson Coolers carries 3 sizes of vents to accommodate any freezer.


Simpson Coolers standard threshold is made of 1/8” aluminum. All freezers have a threshold, even if the freezer does not have a Simpson Coolers furnished floor. When the cooler has a floor, a 1/8” aluminum threshold is furnished. When the cooler does not have a floor, a threshold is not needed and is not furnished unless requested.